The Company was founded 1976 and is located in Purkersdorf on the westside of Vienna. SY-LAB has undergone a steady growing process in manufacturing and supplying products for the life science market. Our aim is that not only are innovation and new products two of a large number of requirements, but also power and infrastructure. These have to be steadily improved and renewed to provide best support to the customer.
In time of increasing demands to our customers products microbiological quality SY-LAB offers intense support by own laboratories with specialists to micro- and molecular biology. Latest investments will enable us to further improve our core skills in the field of electrical and alternative micro-biological methods and add to them the latest developments in diagnostic microbiology.

Established Users, as well as new and prospective customers are offered a wide choice of training courses on a regular basis. Training comprises lectures in all sorts of microbiological topics, customer related applications and practical exercises. Latest offers include computer training to provide skills on up-to-date operating software. SY-LABs future way is concepted in the design of new alternative technology to help food manufacturers create delicious and safe products.


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